Our Motto

“Put a little back”

When the first fall leaves start to turn colour, our heartbeats begin to run a little faster as we begin to think about another steelheading season that rapidly comes upon us. Our past summers have been very busy for us as we have undertaken many rehabilitation projects that will definitely make an impact on the survival of the steelhead population in the Nottawasaga River. The work has not been easy but the goal before us in each work site situation, ensured that each job would be completed with pride and the satisfaction of knowing that these fish would find the going a little easier and safer.
Our overall goal over these past few years has been to allow returning steelhead to make it further up the Boyne River towards the cold headwaters where spawning fish will continue to ensure the steelhead for many years to come. In addition, our work efforts are making an important contribution to the improvement of the water quality of the Nottawasaga River in general, which of course benefits non-anglers as well.

The motto for Nottawasaga Steelheaders is“Put a little back” . To some this means releasing all their caught fish. And that certainly is commendable. However, a more fulfilling meaning exists in the donating of time and effort in attending our work days or simply coming to our meetings. To those of you who say you do not want to get involved, believe me you are involved when you start fishing for steelhead. The only thing we are asking is to tip the scales in favour of the steelhead that face a gauntlet of many obstacles and hardships in their journey each year.
The increase in fishing popularity combined with the stress of population encroachment on our rivers is working against us. The privilege of fishing for these magnificent fish and the continuation of clean fresh unobstructed waters are not guaranteed. Please help us continue in our efforts as we work for this vital cause. Remember, it’s up to you!

Our close association with The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and Ministry of Natural Resources has formed a strong base from which to grow. As adverse situations arise, your contribution maintains a strong voice. If you already have not done so, please do your part in ensuring the future by sending your membership payment to The Nottawasaga Steelheaders right away. Your help goes directly to the work of making sure we can enjoy fishing and excellent river quality for another day.