Stream Rehab

The techniques presented are for application in stream rehabilitation projects within Ontario. There are a number of different techniques available in the literature and we have chosen those that represent the best solutions given the common causes of stream problems in our province. In selecting these techniques, we considered how well they integrated with our direction in the management of natural channels. We took into account whether the techniques had demonstrated applications in Ontario or not. We also carefully thought about the suitability of construction materials and their potential implications on the long-term health of our streams. Each stream rehabilitation theme has a corresponding icon that is used to identify its uniqueness and meaning.

BARRIER MANAGEMENT Barrier management is our first theme that is introduced to help you understand the pros and cons of dams, their impacts on watersheds and the rehabilitation techniques available for your adopt-a-stream project.

SOIL BIOENGINEERING Soil bioengineering, listed as the second theme, describes in detail the various techniques available to deal with slope erosion problems.

HABITAT IMPROVEMENT This theme describes the role of habitat improvement in stream rehabilitation. For habitat improvement, it is particularly important that you determine whether the technique is appropriate given thecharacteristics of the channel you are working with.

CHANNEL REHABILITATION The channel rehabilitation theme focuses on techniques that improve or restore channel features and functions. Particular emphasis is placed on rehabilitating the stream corridor.