Just a few words about this incredible fishery

Its not often you’re gifted with such an incredible and magical place like the Nottawasaga River.

Being in Central Ontario, it really is the largest and most impressive river system within several hours. Not only that, but the fact that it is a WILD steelhead fishery makes it truly special.

The opportunity we are all gifted with is such a privilege. Regardless if you’re spin casting in Edenvale, pinning the vast waters of the lower Notty, or fly fishing in the wood waters in the headwaters… we are all very lucky to be in the largest steelhead factory in the entire province.

To keep this watershed pristine… we need help with bank stabilization, tree planting, and channel rehabilitation. Please fire us an email at nottawasagasteelheaders@gmail.com to contribute a few hours at one of our workdays throughout the year. Help us keep this river system great!

This new website and Angler portal will be the one stop shop that every Notty angler needs. News about the watershed, how to help, hydrographs at major tributaries and reaches and weather is just one click away. Both desktop and mobile friendly, its the one place to start your fishing trip.

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