Stream Rehab – July 23rd

The Nottawasaga Steelheaders had another great stream rehab day on the Boyne river. They were able to remove a series of large log jams that were causing flooding, reinforce some eroding banks, and improve the habitat and stream water quality. We had a great turnout of about 20 volunteers. We started at 9:15AM and were done by 11:30AM. Great job by all.

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Pine River tree plant 14 May 2016

Just highlighting the success we had for the Pine River tree plant this past weekend! The Pine river, as many of you know, is the single best spawning habitat for Salmon and Steelhead in the entire Nottawasaga tributary. It was great to be involved with the enhancement project with the NVCA.

Despite the rain and foul weather we had 20+ volunteers and were able to plant 350-400 cedars, tamaracks and hardwoods along a riparian zone along the river. Its a true testament to the power of many and what can be done with so many amazing participants.

To our volunteers… thank you for making this such a success!

Heres a few pictures from the soggy morning!


IMG_3024 (Large) IMG_3023 (Large) IMG_3021 (Large) IMG_3014 (Large) 13179385_10156914962330228_3684188977793608283_n IMG_3026 (Large) IMG_3027 (Large) Matt Monkman-Pine River Tree Plant May 14, 2016 IMG_20160514_092607

Remember to “Put a little back!”

Nottawasaga Steelheaders Tree Planting!

We will be meeting at 8588 Simcoe Road 5 at the Barrientos property for 9am on Saturday the 14th. It’s a few minutes west of Everett along Simcoe Road 5 on the north side of the road just before (east) of Concession 3. Volunteers can use the driveway from Simcoe Road 5 and park near the building where we’ll congregate and set out to the river.

We’re aiming to plant around 350 native trees using a Pine River specific methodology to maximize the benefits for salmonids. We can have an interpretation session and discussion regarding this methodology to share how we believe strategic tree planting of riparian native species can best enhance habitat.

Bring sturdy footwear or rubber boots, suitable clothing for the weather to plant for a few hours and gloves. We will also have gloves to share with volunteers. We will have a porta-potty on site which is a nice feature – the property is fairly open until our trees grow up!

Just a few words about this incredible fishery

Its not often you’re gifted with such an incredible and magical place like the Nottawasaga River.

Being in Central Ontario, it really is the largest and most impressive river system within several hours. Not only that, but the fact that it is a WILD steelhead fishery makes it truly special.

The opportunity we are all gifted with is such a privilege. Regardless if you’re spin casting in Edenvale, pinning the vast waters of the lower Notty, or fly fishing in the wood waters in the headwaters… we are all very lucky to be in the largest steelhead factory in the entire province.

To keep this watershed pristine… we need help with bank stabilization, tree planting, and channel rehabilitation. Please fire us an email at to contribute a few hours at one of our workdays throughout the year. Help us keep this river system great!

This new website and Angler portal will be the one stop shop that every Notty angler needs. News about the watershed, how to help, hydrographs at major tributaries and reaches and weather is just one click away. Both desktop and mobile friendly, its the one place to start your fishing trip.

Please follow us on twitter at and join us on facebook… both links are on the right hand side of the menu!

Welcome to the new home of the Nottawasaga Steelheaders!

Hope everyone enjoys the new format we have for the site. If there is any suggestions or issues, please feel free to let us know.

If anyone is looking to help with the organization, we are having a work day slated for a tree plant on the Pine River Saturday, May 14th at 9:00 AM to noon. Email us at!

All Steelheaders Should Listen to This! It’s a great 1 hour (part 1 )  podcast with John Mcmillan and its truly fascinating… have a look! 


Remember to “put a little back”